Nov 092016

Neckwarmer scarf handmade from soft kid mohair, in hand-dyed ombre colours of rich charcoal and teal. This scarf is woven from kid mohair on hand operated knitting machines in Kathmandu, and then dip-dyed by hand to get the ombre effect. This tube scarf is wider at the bottom for a graduated style on shoulders.

Material from reliable supplier: 49% kid mohair, 32% wool, 19% polyamide

Size: H40 x W25/40cm Loop

Available in 2 ombre colour options: Mint and Grey Dip Dye

Looks great with matching Wristwarmers

AURA QUE is the collaboration between UK designer Laura Queening and the small producer groups she works with in Asia.  She looks to use traditional skills and local materials as much as possible, aiming to encourage empowerment through work for the individual producers who make her products.

Colour :

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