Mar 132017


The second edition of Elementum explores the idea of ‘gap’. Published December 2016.

Elementum is a journal of new writing and visual arts that explores our connection to the natural world. In this second edition we consider the idea ‘gap’ – Philip Marsden sets sail around the far-western coasts of Ireland in search of islands real and imagined, while Jane Darke walks the littoral line between sea and shore, the place where human life may have begun and where we can come to terms with change. Rob Cowen, in conversation with Wyl Menmuir, looks at the abandoned places on our doorsteps, the nowhere spaces that offer escape and a taste of wildness. We take to the air with the owl, bird of twilight and an emblem of hope and doom, and plunge into deep water, the ultimate abyss, where artist Vivienne Rickman-Poole seeks a preverbal sensory connection. These and other stories are accompanied by breathtaking images from printmakers, illustrators and photographers.

Edition Two is 144 pages, limp notch bound for durability and printed in full colour on FSC-approved paper.

Size 274x210mm


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