Oct 172016


Nkuku’s exquisite Nkala necklace is handmade in Rajasthan. It features a delicate flower which encases the stunning natural Pyrite stone within. Each piece is handmade from brass and plated with 22k gold.

Word of Wisdom: Nkuku’s jewellery is hypo allergenic and nickle free. This piece is coated in an anti tarnish which may age over time, but we believe this enhances the look of the piece..

Care Instructions: The best way to clean the jewellery is to rub with a piece of clean cotton which will give a shine and bring back the original shade. When not in use we advise the jewelllery is stored in an air tight bag to avoid tarnishing.

Size: Drop 21-24.5 x 0.8cm

Nkuku are a Fairtrade company (BAFTS compliant) and their products are made by traditionally skilled artisans in India


This piece was crafted by Nandu (below), a stone setter from West Bengal.

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