Our Story


shop front roomIndigo began life as Saree, which started with a few bags and scarves picked up from the Par Ganj bazaar in Delhi and sold at Oxford’s Thursday market.

On our next trip to India, Saree Designs was born – a clothing line transforming recycled Saris and beautiful silks into clothes and accessories with a team of talented tailors in Central India. After a few summers of selling these in the UK at festivals and local events, and being asked more than once if we had a shop, we took up residence on the infamous Cowley Rd in November of 2008.

Our start-up bank loan was granted on the day the Lehman Brothers collapsed, we took this as a good sign for the birth of a sustainable business. We can be honest now and tell you that we really had no idea what we were doing, or even what was going to be in our shop. It was a vision that just wanted to happen.

Saree became Indigo in 2010, partly because we’d evolved beyond what we started out as and partly because we were done with taking phone calls asking if we sold Sari’s! It was a risk to re-brand at such an early stage but it felt right.

Fast-forward to 2019 and Indigo continues to grow into something way beyond our early imaginings. The recipe for our success? Hard work, blind faith, a healthy dose of blissful ignorance, and the willingness to learn on our feet and risk following a dream against all odds. And perhaps most important of all – we now have an amazing team working with us, whose creativity, pro-activity and care have made shopping with Indigo an even better experience.

Indigo is about all we believe in – beauty,  community, re-wilding, nature, creativity, healthy business practice, working together, and a sprinkling of magic.